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Fred Dahe Studios LLC

Fred Dahe Studios LLC


Photographers/Photo Finishing/Framing Photography / Videography Services


Fredrick Dahe is a multitalented filmmaker and cinematographer who majored in photography and holds a degree from the National Film and Television Institute in Ghana. A renowned content creator and producer based in the United State, his skills are best described in his works. His portfolio range from cultural diversity among societies, to the hidden beauty of the earth, showcasing the different lifestyles of people and the cooperate world.  Objective  With the goal to change the narrative of African continent, Fredrick showcase its beauty, people and glamorous culture through the art of photography and film. His skills are in cinematography, photography, video and photo editing, color grading, and marketing. Storytelling is one of his main focuses, showcasing parts of societal dynamic change and growth. Art is a blend of ideas brought together, so he is always open to partnership, collaborations with brands, companies, as well individuals who are interesting in creating meaningful and inspiring content.   "Insightful stories through works of media are made to educate, motivate and entertain society. I work to inspire, motivate, and bring diverse people from around the world. I am the voice of society and I represent society through my vision." Fredrick Dahe

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